Starter Pack

IDR 750,000

All the staple pieces you need in one, very cool, pink box.

You’ll get 3 pieces in this pack; Piece 1 and Piece 2 are already our best-selling pieces, while Piece 3 options are exclusively designed for your UglyBijoux Starter Pack. It’s a special, customised package that’s perfect as a gift for yourself or to your friends.

Our Starter Pack is now updated with more glamorous, irresistible pieces to wear.

Details and Care

What’s in your pink box: 

  • Piece 1:
    • Exousia:  Your party go-to. A delightful necklace to wear, thanks to its stainless steel toggle that makes putting on and taking it off an easy experience. Exousia complements and adds a touch of edge to your favourite wardrobe.
  • Piece 2 (pick one):
    • Ivy: The beautiful indigo-blue crystal pendant that sits on beautifully textured, hand-strung silver beads.
    • Roxanne necklace: Simple, elegant and a little sultry. Roxanne necklace is an essential accessory for many of our clients, and maybe yours?
  • Piece 3 (pick one):
    • Lune necklace: Straight up our signature pearl-chain combo. You’ll love wearing Lune if you’re looking for a standout piece that will start many conversations.
    • Reign necklace: Fantastic pearl necklace that’s basic but anti-dull. She’s understated with a hint of folly. She seems pure and chaste but you know there’s something going on with her.
    • Olette bracelet: Finally the ultimate bracelet that you’ve been asking for it! Exclusively designed for UglyBijoux new Starter Pack, Olette bracelet is a luxurious mix of lustrous freshwater pearls and a sweet golden tone.


  • Handcrafted to order (5 business days).
  • There will be 3 pieces in your package: Exousia, Ivy or Roxanne necklace, Lune or Reign or Olette bracelet. 
  • This bundle includes free standard domestic shipping.

Piece 1


Piece 2


Piece 3

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