UglyBijoux is an experimental jewelry brand from Indonesia. 

Run by us, two friends: Kome and Arya.

We create pieces you’ll love wearing and love more to show off. Pieces that make you feel beautiful, precious and seen. 

The brand is a personal that started during Covid quarantine in our home atelier/office/packing centre in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. 

Our UglyBijoux are composed of materials and funky elements we found around us. Some were leftover beads from my mum’s abandoned bead project, some were found in local shops nearby, and some were specially crafted by artisans in Java, Indonesia.

UglyBijoux keeps us creatively stimulated. It’s essentially an exciting art initiative turned serious business. 

But we have fun, always!

The joy of running the brand is rooted in the creation process.

And disrupting what’s normally considered ugly or pretty.

We mix cheap and expensive materials, ignore the masculine-feminine silhouette, and design jewellery with a general fuck-it attitude.

All while creating a funky and fabulous universe where you and I can actually enjoy ourselves.

We’re really just making pieces that we love and adore––secretly hoping that you will too. 

Let’s start!

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